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Thanks Peter!  I thought I was the only member left alive!  I was about to start writing my posts in the nude, since I figured there was no one here to report me.  It's a good thing I didn't!!  :-)


I'm here! I thought the same thing  :-\

I think what happens is when people start to feel better, they don't need to be on here anymore. But, because of mental illness, when they don't feel good, it's hard to either remember this is here or have no energy to be utilizing this service. I know for myself when I first found this site/forum I was in a shitty place looking for answers, to talk to anyone who would listen. Then when I had a blip in the radar where I was feeling better, I didn't think about this site.

I'm cycling through again though so will likely be reading what's going on with others to try and gain insight on some solutions to help myself.

Btw, I laughed when I read your comment about chatting on here naked because no one is around. Too funny!

Hi, E.....That was the virtual meeting, just out of curiosity?  I'm not interested in attending, as I'm not bipolar.

When I was in Laughing like Crazy, virtually everyone in it was bipolar.


MDAO should announce on the front page that the online support group is open again.

Hi P, yes I've been in a few virtual meetings - one session in General Depression and Anxiety and a few in the BiPolar. That's really my only option as there are no in-person meetings available anywhere near where I live. I'm not sure how I feel about them yet...

MDAO needs to advertise the online support group somehow.



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