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I want to say thanks for this thread, even though it's from last year it shows somebody checks in here once in a long while!  I used to be on the previous MDAO forum but it appears all those posts are gone forever. Anyway I do recognize Rich and Pleeb as long time members, so hello to you and it's nice to read your posts  :)

I keep forgetting to check in.

My "main" forum used to be Mood's in the U.S., and about to close.  It used to be huge - it had 4-5 (?) moderators.

Lake, maybe I remember you......  I remember some of the people you mentioned.  BTW, I think Stenacron Man (sp.) goes by more than one nickname.  I think he was a fellow comic during the MDAO Laughing Like Crazy days......that's standup comedy by us "mentally interesting" people.

I went to an in person MDAO support group last year (?).  It was held in a room in the library just south of Yonge and Eglinton on the west side.

A health update with me - (old people (76) talking about their operations! ::))

I had skin cancer for the third time recently.  (25 or more years between the first and second "episodes").  I have had basal cell carcinoma - not so dangerous, but it has the habit of repeating sometimes....I'm an example.  The first two times:  laser treatment....only took minutes.
My recent time:  minor operation...local anesthetic.

Before the mini operation they told me to bring food, something to read...why?...because the operation takes 3-6 hours! :o :( :-\  They take slices of skin, and look at in under microscope in the next room....that's why it takes so long.  Then another slice of skin, and so on.  ("mohs surgery)

I was finished in 2 hours. ;)



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