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The Screening Test/Quiz

The screening test, or quiz, is intended solely for personal use to potentially identify some symptoms of depression, mania, panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, and is not designed to constitute advice as to your mental health or, more particularly, to provide a diagnosis.

An accurate diagnosis for these disorders and other psychiatric disorders can only be made by a physician or other qualified mental health professional after a complete evaluation, including a physical exam, to rule out any other illnesses or conditions that may be the cause of the symptoms.

By taking this screening test, you agree not to hold the quiz partners, sponsors, their staff or consultants liable, or make any claims or claim damages of any kind whatsoever, including claims or damages arising out of a decision or action that might be related to the information contained on this website. Such damages include, without limitation, direct, indirect, special, general, incidental or consequential damages. Further, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the website partners, sponsors, their staff or consultants for any claims or damages arising out of your use of this website, whether you commence such claims or otherwise.