Early Intervention Program

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Early Intervention Program

When someone you love has been diagnosed with psychosis or experiencing early symptoms of psychosis, you may have concerns and questions you would like to talk about. MDAO offers counselling and support for families of young people (aged 14 to 35) who are living with a mood disorder and/or psychosis, as well as those that are concerned about their loved one but do not yet have a diagnosis.

If you...

  • Are a FAMILY MEMBER of an individual between the ages of 14-35 who may be experiencing early signs of psychosis or have been diagnosed with psychosis
  • Are an individual between the ages of 14-35 who has been experiencing early symptoms of psychosis or have been diagnosed with psychosis

Early Signs of Psychosis include…

  • Changes in sleep, energy levels and eating habits
  • Racing thoughts, trouble concentrating or paying attention
  • Withdrawal from family/friends
  • Changes in hygiene habits
  • Suspiciousness of others
  • Changes or swings in mood such as irritability, depression, and extreme happiness.

Symptoms of Psychosis include…

  • Hearing, feeling, smelling, or seeing things that others do not experience. These experiences are also known as ‘hallucinations’
  • Believing in things that others may not and that may be unusual. These experiences are  also known as ‘delusions’
  • Confusion about what is real or imaginary
  • Difficulty organizing thoughts, actions, speech or communication

Are inquiring about...

  • Resources
  • Diagnosis, treatment and supports
  • Education/information
  • Supporting your loved one
  • Drop-in groups
  • Recovery programs

These can assist you and your family to better understand psychosis and the importance of early intervention...we can provide support!



Nicole Schulz, MSW
Youth and Family Program Coordinator
Mood Disorders Association of Ontario
36 Eglinton Ave. West, Suite 602
Toronto, ON M4R 1A1
(416) 486-8046 ext. 237 (1-888-486-8236)


Toronto Central LHIN

This program is funded by the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).

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