Lit From Within Award Nomination Form

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Nominations for the 2018 Lit From Within Award are now closed.

Karen Liberman, former Executive Director of the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario, often said that volunteers are the backbone of the work we do. In 2011, the Board of Directors established this annual award to recognize an outstanding volunteer in Karen’s honor.
The award is to recognize a volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, creativity, and innovation in contributing to the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario's programs or activities.
The winner of the Lit From Within Volunteer Award will receive a commemorative engraved plaque and a gift of $1,000.
Who is eligible?
The award is open to volunteers who have been supporting the Mood Disorders Association for at least one year and have demonstrated outstanding efforts in volunteerism. They must demonstrate leadership, creativity, and innovation in their approach to supporting individuals and families affected by depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder.

Who is a volunteer?
A person who receives no financial compensation for their involvement with the program, event, or activity which this nomination recognizes.
How do I nominate a volunteer?
We will accept nominations from volunteers, staff, participants, or friends of volunteers. You can also nominate yourself. Those who are not selected for the award this year are welcome to be nominated again in subsequent years. The award recipient will not be eligible for nomination next year. In the spirit of this award, volunteers should refrain from encouraging other volunteers to nominate them.