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Guide to Helping Someone with a Mood Disorder

It can be difficult for families and friends to help someone who has a mood disorder. We've put together a few suggestions that may help you help someone receive treatment or help someone manage treatment once diagnosed. Don’t forget to seek out support for yourself as you support your loved one.

1. It's not your fault. You did not cause your family member's illness nor will you find a cure. A mood disorder is an illness, plain and simple.

Guide to Finding a Mood Disorders Clinic

To have an assessment done at a Mood Disorders Clinic, you must have a referral from your psychiatrist or family doctor. This one-time assessment reviews medical history, present diagnosis and treatment. Feedback and recommendations are forwarded to the referring doctor for continuing care.


Guide to Long Term Disability

Disclaimer: Every case is different, and the law is complex. The information provided here does not constitute legal advice, but is for informational purposes only. No solicitor-client relationship is established from the use of this information. We would be pleased to offer you a free initial consultation if you have any questions about a long-term disability or other insurance matter. Copyright, 2006. John D. Johnson and Rene A. Clonfero.

Q.What is long-term disability insurance?

Guide to Finding a Doctor

The Mood Disorders Association of Ontario does not maintain a list of doctors accepting patients; however, we do offer some strategies which our members have found to be helpful in finding a doctor.

Doctor Referral Sources

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

You can use the CPSO website to search for a doctor or psychiatrist in Ontario online. Just choose the “Doctor Search” option on the website homepage.