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General Discussion / Re: Donations to charities
« on: September 07, 2014, 04:10:01 AM »
Hello Dragonfly. The website that you want is ran by the Gov't.   You can either enter the charities name or do an advanced search and enter the charities, chartitable # .

 It is usually easier if you have the number. When doing a name search you have to be pretty exact with the name or nothing will come up.  Take Care. paul m

 Hello Paul. I'm chair of three different charities and I get the same amount from all three "zero" I also know that the Mood Disorder Association of Ontario (the provider of this forum) pays it's Chair the exactly the same amount. zero.  I'm not sure what the executive director gets, but it's not a million bucks, it's not even 100,000

 I agree that there are some disreputable charities out there, but your blanket statement of

 "Charities are meant for the rich as a tax right off and nothing more . Any money that goes into the charity is just to pay some CEO a million dollar plus bonus."

 is not even close to being right.   To start with, if someone with a large income gives a $1000 to a charity the most they can get back is approx $470 in tax savings which still leaves them $530 out of pocket. For a while there were some schemes where a disreputable charity would offer enormous credit for gifts in kind (donate a $10 bottle of asprin, get a$100 tax receipt etc) but the gov't has shut most of those down.

 I'm sure that there are a few charities CEO's who get big bucks, but they are in the minority and it's easy to see where the money goes as each charity must list the salary of their top ten paid employees as well a full breakdown of revenue and expenses in their report to Rev Cda.  Just use the Gov't link that I provided Dragonfly. Or use the sunshine list as provided below. Take Care. paul m

 Hello Peter. That list is popularly called the sunshine list. I'll make a small addition to your statement.  "The act requires organizations that receive public funding from the Province of Ontario to disclose annually the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of employees paid $100,000 or more in a calendar year." Take Care. paul m

 Hello Everyone. The list does include charities who have rec'd money from the provincial Gov't. You can also search for organizations who have rec'd public sector funding, but who have no one getting paid over $100,000.  (the MDAO appears on this list)

 To do a list search go to   and scroll down the page till you come to the category that you want.  Take Care. paul m


General Discussion / Re: I'm back on....
« on: September 07, 2014, 03:25:07 AM »
Hello Peter. Good to see that you got(getting) out of your depression. You are correct that the strenuous the exercise the bigger the benefit. But sometimes when I'm depressed just going out for a walk takes all of my energy. So give yourself a pat on your back for getting up and getting out. Take Care. paul m

General Discussion / A rant and a laugh
« on: September 05, 2014, 11:26:57 PM »
Hello Everyone. In the area I live there is a very secure hospital where people from all over Canada are placed who are considered a danger to the public. (to put it mildly)

 Recently one of them escaped. Said hospital will not say exactly how long this person was at large nor how big of danger the public was in. Here are parts of various press releases. (I have removed the names) .The hospital is the province’s only maximum-security forensic hospital.
 This is how CTV reported it " People who live near the centre are just learning a patient had escaped and wished they had been told sooner.

 The Barrie examiner had this to say:Inmate XXXXX who is considered violent and dangerous, managed to get out of the XXXXX Centre late Saturday night, Residents in the areas for at least a km away recall hearing the blaring of sirens and saw emergency vehicles racing by, but never knew what all the commotions was about.

  Staff say the new XXXXX facility was just an escape waiting to happen and there are safety concerns since the new building opened
 Further information gleaned from sources say that the patient escaped at 9.15pm and was not found by the police for several hrs. The change of staff at 11pm were all escorted by police to their cars as a safety precaution.

the man was found by police and taken to hospital with serious injuries, including a broken vertebrae and dog bites. The SIU is investigating.

 The Centre itself reported it this way: XXXXXX, a provincial specialty mental health and addiction hospital located in XXXXX Ontario, is extending its thanks again to the staff and Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) for a quick and successful resolution shortly after a patient elopement on August 23, 2014 that resulted in no risk to the public. The hospital has taken extra precaution to ensure this cannot happen again etc etc.
   So you have a violent and dangerous patient escaping and the staff need to be escorted to their cars by police, yet according to the hospital nobody was in any danger.I know that once you get out of this secure facility you are within an easy 5 min. walk of a large subdivision and if they were escorting staff to their cars, this person could have easily gotten off of the ground as there are no fences surronding the parking lot. (I've visited many people and attended many meetings at this centre)

 I have two points here. One, we all worry about stigma and lack of treatment facilities. No one wants a half way house or group home for mentally ill people, partly because of fear. The XXXXX centre is not helping our cause by releasing a B.S. statement like above and using words like elopement, no danger, etc. This only adds to the distrust that people feel towards those in charge of the mentally ill.  Not to alert the people who live within a 5 min walk was irresponsible. While they claim this person was no danger to the public because they figured he was in a nearby wooded area, the fact remains that he broke out of a maximum security facility, climbed 3 security fences, one 30 ft high, probably means that this guy was pretty slippery. And as said, they were worried enough to escort staff to their cars.

 It would have been better to own up to the fact that they should have alerted the locals and that they will do so in the future.  OK enough ranting on my part.  The following may amuse you.

 2) I had never heard the term elopement used in this manner before, so I looked it up and the generally accepted meaning in several dictionaries was: an act or instance of running off secretly, as to be married. That I had heard many times.  However I found out that it can also mean.

  an act or instance of leaving a safe area or safe premises, done by a person with a mental disorder or cognitive impairment.  (news to me)

 So my question now is, does that mean if we elope to get married is it because we are mentally ill and have a desire to leave a safe premise. LOL Take Care. paul m

General Discussion / Re: Ice bucket challenge.
« on: September 02, 2014, 09:22:00 PM »
Hello Dragonfly. I had actually thought that I replied, but I guess I only thought that I did. Old age will do that to you LOL What I write below is certainly not a criticism of your views, I have a slightly different view, but I hope that's ok too.

 I don't mind when a charity comes up with a novel idea as long as the good stays there. This started out as a good thing, but people don't seem to realize that the challenge is " Pay 100 bucks or get ice water dumped over their heads. "  It seems to me that a lot of celebreties are getting ice water dumped over their heads and a lot of publicity for themselves, rather for the illness.

 I wouldn't partake in either/or, just because ALS is not my thing. Not that I can't sympathize with the people who have it, the average life span is 39 mths from onset of symptoms and there is no possibility of a cure. Occasionally someone will live a long time(scientist Steven Hawkins is a very rare exception).

 One of the problems with ALS is that in North America only about 35-40,00 people who are alive have it. In comparison there are several million of us with Bipolar at any given time.  I know that the drug mfg's are not knocking themselves out looking for a new med for bipolar and I know that the various Gov't are not looking for novel new ways to support those of us who have bipolar and with the exception of one think tank(Crest BD) I don't see very much original research being done by scientists about bipolar.

 That's with 2 million of us, I can only imagine how little research etc is being done for people with ALS.

   Has ice Challenge raised awareness? According to Wikipedia their article on ALS used to draw an average of 8000 hits a mth, (bipolar by comparison draws about 400,000 a mth) The peak # of hits in August for ALS was 27,000 in one day, it has since tampered off to about 1500 hits a day, but it still has increased awareness of ALS tremendously. (I searched only the English language articles)

 There has been criticism in the press that a lot of money has been donated to various ALS societies , when it could be going some place else more worthy(not my words).

 My own viewpoint is that any research on any illness linked to neurological problems is good for a lot of people.

 The ALS society in the USA have rec'd about 100 million bucks and while that sounds like a lot, it amounts to about 35 cents per American. But is big bucks for the ALS society, I hope that they use the money wisely. Take Care. paul m



General Discussion / Re: Med change after 12 years
« on: August 28, 2014, 11:11:43 PM »
Hello JennyRN70. Welcome back. I certainly do remember you. Sorry to hear that you have to change meds, that's always a pain in the butt.

 Effexor can be hard to come off of. For some it's really difficult and for others it's a snap. I hope that you are one of the lucky ones.

 Antidepressants certainly can be toxic for some people with bipolar. For me, they cause me to rapid cycle and when they aren't doing that they cause mixed states in me.

 Other people who have bipolar, like my son, have no problem with antidepressants.  I would say that some people are luckier than others when it comes to antidepressants, but in reality no one with bipolar is lucky.  Good Luck with your switch over. Take Care. paul m 

Hello Paul. Welcome to the forum. However I'm sorry, but I don't live close to Bradford. Some of do get together in T.O. once in a while and we usually post it on here when we do. (I don't live in T.O. either) . I hope that you can find someone close by to have coffee with.Take Care. paul m

General Discussion / Re: Social Phobia Group Closed.....
« on: August 27, 2014, 01:11:18 AM »
Hello Peter. I always find it sad when a group folds. I know the need is out there. Take Care. paul m

General Discussion / Re: I'm back on....
« on: August 27, 2014, 01:10:09 AM »
Hello Peter. I'm sorry to hear that you were in emerg. I hope that you get your health problems straightened out soon. Take Care. paul m

General Discussion / Dr K.
« on: August 19, 2014, 12:37:20 AM »
Hello Everyone. Things are bit slow on the forum so I thought I would bring up a subject that I had mentioned on the old forum.

 DR K. is a practicing shrink and also has a face book page called Dr K. psychiatry. While some may say that I am being derogatory when I call him Dr K and refer to him as a shrink, the sign to his office actually sez "Welcome to Dr K's Shrink Shop" . His last name is difficult for some people to pronounce and he has a wry sense of humour, thus he encourages his patients just to call him Dr K.

 On Face Book he posts a lot of interesting articles, comments, tips and cartoons. I find the cartoons hilarious, the tips helpful and the articles and re posts interesting. I tend to forget to look at his page and I know that I shouldn't because he usually has something good to say.( including several articles about Robin Williams)

 Give him a look.  Take Care. paul m

General Discussion / Re: I"m back
« on: August 19, 2014, 12:18:58 AM »
Hello Melba11. I'm glad to see that you found us. Sorry to hear about your father. I hope that you can continue to keep up a positive self care program. Take Care. paul m

Hello Daniel. I'll agree with that. Take Care. paul m

Hello Dragonfly. You said " When you are that severely depressed your self worth is zero. You feel that your family would be better off without you." I agree 100% with you. I've often felt that way. Take Care. paul m

General Discussion / People who may have missed the switch
« on: August 14, 2014, 11:07:50 PM »
Hello Everyone. I know that a lot of you have found the new forum. However there were some casual posters who may not know that we have moved. People like Father George, Meow or Not Lost to think of just a few.

 I have sent out emails to some of them, but I don't have Meow's or Father Georges email. So if anyone can send people who may have once been on the forum an email showing where we moved to, I would appreciate it. Thx and Take Care. paul m

General Discussion / Re: high stress, lack of sleep, and hypomania...
« on: August 14, 2014, 10:51:21 PM »
Hello HSG. Glad that you are feeling better now. Take Care. paul m

Hello HSG. I agree that Robin Williams death was upsetting. However as one of the symptoms of Parkinsons is increased depression in some, I can see how that might have pushed him over the edge. For those of us with Parkinsons, it's a daily battle as one problem after another slowly pops up until the end. For some people with Parkinsons that can be pretty harsh. Although it's often a slow moving illness, it's always there and it slowly gets worse.

 Interesting that you should mention creativity and mental illness. I can't say whether I agree or disagree that there is a link. To me the jury is still out. I just wrote about it on another forum and because I'm lazy(LOL) I will just cut and paste part of my answer here.

 There is no doubt in my mind that a lot of people with bipolar(the mental illness I am most familiar with) are very creative, but as a whole are we more creative than others?

There have been a ton of studies done on it. Some say yes, some say no. There are several problems when trying to come up with accurate statistics. The first, who is really mentally ill and even when that is decided, were they ever properly surveyed to determine their creativity.

Until recently most with a diagnosed mental illness hid that fact from family, friends and society when possible. This did not matter whether they were rich or poor, creative or not and they certainly did not take part in any sort of survey to determine genius or creativity . That makes it very difficult to get any sort of accurate study done. Additionally,because of their illness, many worked at substandard jobs thus limiting their chances to become creative. Work a 10-12 hr day at heavy labour and it's difficult to be creative.(or don't work at all)

Even today, the number of people with bipolar is more of a guess than an accurate figure with guesses ranging from 1% to 5% or between 70 and 350 million people. That's a heck of a large range,automatically building in problems with accuracy of any study.

Plus a lot of the studies and articles are based on anecdotal material. Many articles quote Kay Redfield Jamison's book Touched with Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament. Touched With Fire presents the argument that bipolar disorder, and affective disorders more generally, may be found in a disproportionate number of people in creative professions such as actors, artists, comedians, musicians, authors, performers and poets.

Even if that were true, that is putting a severe limit on what is creativity. A civil engineer may be very creative and come up with wonderful designs, but Ms Jamison doesn't seem to count that type of creativity in her count. Nor does she include the pure creative genius of diamond cutters, some diamond thieves and countless other professions who may be just a creative, but suffer from no higher or lower degree of mental illness than the rest of the population.

Most people that I know well that have bipolar are like me  Not very creative when they are depressed, normally creative when they are normal and when hypomanic they show varying degrees of extra creativity.

 An interesting article in Scientific American. In it they quote a variety of items, but in particular a Swedish study about creativity. Swedish studies tend to be reasonably accurate because they are the only ones who have done long term studies on their population. I mean long term, up to 40 yrs and involving up to 1.2 million people in this case. 

 The article

  draws some interesting conclusions about mental illness and creativity. Take Care. paul m

 Hello Daniel. I'll disagree with Mr Wallace a little bit when he says "The so-called ‘psychotically depressed’ person who tries to kill themselves doesn’t do so out of quote ‘hopelessness’ or any abstract conviction that life’s assets and debits do not square. And surely not because death seems suddenly appealing."

 At the point just prior to one of my attempts, I felt that my life was hopeless and death seemed the most appealing choice. There was no terror involved, I had made peace with my decision and I looked forward to dying. I was disappointed when I failed in my attempt.

 My other attempt was as a result of pretty much as Mr Wallace has described, I felt trapped between a rock and a hard place and I chose what I considered the less painful way out. Take Care. paul m


General Discussion / Re: I'm back on....
« on: August 10, 2014, 10:24:24 PM »
Hello Peter. Well if your gall bladder is back to normal least something about you is normal LOL. Just kidding, you are as normal as I am LOL.

 I hope that you find out what is wrong. I know that having something wrong and not being able to find out what can be very stressful. Take Care. paul m

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