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Title: Hello
Post by: paulm on December 05, 2015, 12:37:52 am
Hello Everybody. It's been a really quiet couple of weeks. I know that there are a lot of reasons for that. For myself it seems that I have a lack of energy some days and I just don't post. For me that is silly, as I know that posting helps me to deal with with my own problems. But  then I never said that I was entirely rational LOL.

 I hope that everybody is well. Take Care. paul m
Title: Re: Hello
Post by: LuckyLou on December 05, 2015, 11:04:36 am
Hi Paul and everyone I'm struggling big time right now im blaming the weather this is usually my bad time so sorry I haven't been around much
Title: Re: Hello
Post by: Dragonfly on December 05, 2015, 11:46:45 am
Hi everyone,

I am having my ups and downs right now. I like having my son living with me and very much enjoy when the grandchildren come over. It does really tire me out.

I am having some problems with anger. It scares me. I believe it is due to tiredness and the situation with my son's separation. It hurt so much for him when he doesn't have the kids. He wants them all the time. I guess life isn't always fair and I have to accept that as my caseworker says.

I will try to be positive.

Title: Re: Hello
Post by: Pleeb on December 06, 2015, 01:12:44 am
I'm o.k.  Looking forward to the comedy show Dec 10.

I'm in a seniors building, so I see notices on the bulletin board about people passing away semi often.  More often than not, I didn't know them, but the last two I did, including Saturday's death.  I didn't know them well, though.

We're opening Christmas presents on the 19th (potluck).  We usually do this for the sake of out of town relatives, one of whom has a birthday on Christmas Day.

Something made my day on the bus home a couple of hours ago.  There was a couple (in their 40s'?) on the bus wearing gloves that flashed off and on.  The tips of their gloves had some kinda bulbs in them.
That's a new one! :o

I always have a tiny toy ray gun in my pocket, so I offed them in case they were aliens....LOL

Title: Re: Hello
Post by: Dragonfly on December 06, 2015, 05:24:45 pm
You make me laugh Peter. You just made my day!

Dragonfly   :-*
Title: Re: Hello
Post by: Pleeb on December 09, 2015, 03:13:15 am
D, thanks.

I asked if they have Christmas on their planet.  They said yes.  Same with their friend, who didn't have the flashing gloves.

Nice to see Christmas is inter planetary!


A long time ago I had a spinning bow tie.  It had a little motor inside.  Ordered it from the States.
Title: Re: Hello
Post by: Pleeb on December 09, 2015, 03:19:41 am
I had plastic teeth that flash on and off from Dollarama.  They don't carry them anymore.

I got corn on the cob from Dollarama!   ::)

2 cobs, vacuum packed, from Thailand.  Not bad......not great.


My denturist sez he sometimes makes fangs for his friends - for Halloween (I hope!....LOL).  He sez they fit better than store boughts, of course.

Maybe my denturist is from the same planet as me.....I didn't ask.  Had I seen him eating a uranium sandwich (mmmmmm!), then he would be for sure.   :o
Title: Re: Hello
Post by: Peace on December 11, 2015, 10:29:50 am
Hugs, Lou. You've always been there for me no matter what and I hope you start to feel better soon.

I'm the same as I've always been. One day able to focus, think clearly, and be productive, the next day unable to even get food for myself. The bad days seem to be OCD related. After searching for OCD therapy for 6 months and not finding it I vowed when I was healthy to advocate for it. After seeing funds wasted yesterday on what I believe to be unnecessary I sent the first of my emails out today instead of waiting for better health.

Still no further ahead in my quest for help when I'm on my own. CMHA did not accept me into case management because they feel I'm asking for someone to phone services for me, which is not the case. I'm asking that one initial phone call be made before I'm given a service that may help me so I don't spend my energy and time contacting places that can do nothing for me. :(

I did figure out recently from ordering an item online from Walmart that I can get some food and toiletry items from them at less cost than Grocery Gateway would charge. My thoughts now are to order from Walmart and Grocery Gateway (very expensive) and to stock up on things like fresh fruit, milk, meat, etc. if I'm feeling well enough to shop on my own. Maybe take a taxi home. I'll need to purchase a desktop for myself because I'll be so reliant on online services.

OCD rant, I apologize. Thank you for listening.
Title: Re: Hello
Post by: Dragonfly on December 11, 2015, 10:53:58 pm
Hi Peace,

When I mentioned to shop on line for groceries at Longo's I realize that it is very expensive. I didn't realize you could order on line from Walmart. Maybe you could tell me about that.

Now sometimes I am able to get out and shop at Freshco. It is about 5 min. away by car for me. Can't believe I am actually driving there. I am not fond of driving. That store is so much cheaper and easier to shop at then some place like Fortino's. That store is so overwhelming. I can only shop at Freshco once in awhile on my good days.

I hope things start working out for you. You are always so thoughtful, caring and kind to all of us here.

Title: Re: Hello
Post by: Peace on December 13, 2015, 11:26:01 am
Hi Dragonfly :)

Here's the link to online grocery and household items from Walmart. Delivery is free over $50.

Here's another link that I thought I could use for perishables (fresh vegetables, meat, etc). It doesn't service my area so  I wasn't able to check it out further, but you may be able to use it.

Congrats on shopping at Freshco!! That's a real achievement. :)

Thanks for the kinds words.