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Title: What is a DSM textbook and why are you not supposed to see it.
Post by: Stenacron man on January 26, 2017, 03:26:32 pm
What is a DSM textbook and why are you not supposed to see it or know about it ?

Because it can influence your mind and thoughts about yourself and who you really are.

First the book was created by the (APA) American Psychiatric Association and we are now up to version 5 published in 2013.  This is the book that psychologist and psychiatrist use to diagnose mental illnesses. It is a very large book of 1000 pages that spans all type of illnesses of the mind.

Being able to read, use, and not allow the text to influence your view of yourself is very hard to do. I am a scientific researcher so when I read the book I don't read it to diagnose myself or others, i use it to clarify myself and conditions that are visible to me and need a better understanding.

I was first diagnosed as a rapid cycling type II bipolar in 1997. I was not willing to accept this diagnosis till 2004. In 2004 I had a great psychiatrist that was encouraging and very explanatory. He encouraged me to go to the library and read about it so I did.  In most books they kept referring to a book called the DSM.  I then read this book from cover to cover. Yes a book that nobody truly reads completely. The question you should now ask is WHY did i read the entire book ?

OK the reason I read the whole book was:::

                  " in order to understand who I am, I must first understand who I am Not".

Mental illness has a horrible stigma attached to it like we are all psycho, insane, crazy, or a psychopathy and yet nothing can be further from the truth. Mentally ill people are all very nice people that just need help and are searching for clarification that they will likely never get. So if you need some clarification I would be happy to try to explain your condition to you in more detail than you were given. I do not diagnose people I clarify and make suggestions for you to consider.   

The book title DSM stands for [ The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ] 

My ears and heart are open so fire away if you have a question.

BTW don't be afraid to advocate for yourself and do research to make sure the treatment you are getting is for the right condition you have.

Buddy mack. 

Title: Re: What is a DSM textbook and why are you not supposed to see it.
Post by: paulm on January 26, 2017, 07:16:09 pm
Hello Buddy mac. Thx for the info and Thx for the offer to help others out. In regards to your advice about advocating for ourselves, I couldn't agree more. Thx and Take Care. paul m

P.S. In another post you mentioned about doctors not updating themselves or at alluded to it. I agree. And there is no need for it. Doc's can take up to 24 hrs of training a yr and rec about $100 per hr doing so. I wish I could have a job where I got paid $100 per hr to attend an all expense paid seminar on my days off.

 It's called Continuing Medical Education.I'm not positive but I think that docs have to take 30 CME's a yr. 1 CME is earned for every 15 minutes spent taking a designated course.  So if a doc attends a Sat worth of classes for 7.5 hrs he gets 30CME's and $750 bucks.  CMU's vary in intensity. I've earned about 100 CME's myself, but I didn't get paid LOL.

  For more info on how G.P's bill   
Title: Re: What is a DSM textbook and why are you not supposed to see it.
Post by: Stenacron man on January 26, 2017, 07:29:37 pm
Hey Paulm

They do get paid well and sometimes I think to much. But then again how much is saving a life worth ?

I think it's priceless, especially for the family involved. Dr's have my greatest respect if they do their job right.

I am glad they need to keep updating it's important there is always new meds and research hitting the market.

Buddy Mack.