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General Discussion / Re: Introductions
« on: June 13, 2015, 10:52:55 pm »

I used to be on this forum as, I think, wheelchairdemon. I lost the link and over time, lost the ability to log in (once I found the link).

I now live in Toronto. I used to live in Kingston.

I was in the "system" for 22 years. The diagnoses I was given included anything from schizophrenia to bipolar to personality disorder to no mental illness at all.

Whatever the case I have years of lived experience inside the system and out. I have learned that the best way to cope is get away from negative attitudes and put-downs, find new things to get myself involved in that has me integrated in society, and make sure I choose things I enjoy doing.

I have no idea if I'm mentally ill or not. I'm well now and I have not seen a psychiatrist, been given counselling, or taken a medication for years. What I know is, by controlling lifestyles that fit my personality I'm no longer going up and down the depression/manic rollercoaster. I'm pretty level.

With this kind of lived experience (of revolving door experiences and admissions to the psychiatric hospitals) I have learned some good coping skills. I've also learned the importance of networking with others who understand "people who are different."

By joining this group it is my hope to share both lived experiences and "what works" strategies. Every once in awhile I need a boost too. Hopefully a network like this will work as a two-way street.


Does this program accept people who were once in the psychiatric system in another city and have since recovered? I have not been involved with CAMH, but I have been involved with Kingston and St. Thomas.

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