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Learned yesterday that he thinks he has two cats, instead of one. 

Maybe he's gone downhill quickly?  He didn't think this when I saw him last week.......or, it doesn't mean much.

Peter  -brain health and memory studies

Cogniciti is associated with Baycrest.  Not sure if you have to be over a certain age to do the tests, volunteer to be a guinea pig.

General Discussion / Used my cell phone today - first time.
« on: March 06, 2019, 10:02:34 pm »
I got a cellphone in August (?).  I had a mental block about it - it'll be complicated.  I'm kind of afraid of technology, but not really - I'm on the internet a lot.

Took my phone to Samsung died, and wouldn't charge.  They'll notice I've never used it, and slap me in the face!   ::)

Turns out, it worked when the Samsung person used HER cable....weird!  Just bought MY cable from Bell.

Didn't make any calls today, but did some housekeeping, without looking at my Android for Dummies.


I procrastinate on "difficult, complicated" things....cell phone, income tax (someone doing it for me this year).

General Discussion / Getting 2 hearing aids...
« on: February 03, 2019, 05:12:05 am »
Getting 2 hearing aids from St. Mike's hospital.  They deal with various vendors.  (didn't know you can buy hearing aids via a hospital, get them adjusted, fixed (?) there.)

I'm getting an over the ear one kind....forget how audiologist and I decided on that kind.

I had thought I was hard of hearing in only my right ear - that's what the ENT Dr. said.  I was surprised when the audiologist mentioned BOTH ears.

Despite this, I almost never ask anyone to repeat what they say - on my right side only, and a little more lately.

Hearing aids cost as much as a Ferrrari!

Luckily, OHIP contributes $1,000, and my former work's plan probably contributes $1,400.


How am I gonna come up with the other $75,000 I owe? ::).....marry a rich widow?  :o

Actually, the total cost is over $3,000, and that's with the company's "permanent" discount.  Over $3,000 isn't unusual, from what I've heard.

General Discussion / Ready for Christmas/Holidays?
« on: December 15, 2018, 12:58:59 am »
We have Christmas on the 15th due to some relatives' schedules, one relative's birthday is Christmas etc.

We do potluck.

We usually pick a name out of a hat the previous Christmas to give that person a surprise gift.

This year, we're donating money to The Toronto Wildlife Centre in memory of my brother who just passed away.  He was a "birder."

If he saw a bird, he could often tell if it's gender, and if it was a juvenile or an adult!  ;)


General Discussion / What's on your mind? Do something about social phobia.
« on: November 30, 2018, 04:16:16 am »
We have a category of "what's on your mind?"  On Mood Garde, another forum.

On my mind will be the social phobia in our family......and people not going anything about it.... :(

The social phobia will be more visible. when we all get together.  (sorry for not being inarticulate about this...)

Since I'll be seeing family members at Christmas....(we exchange gifts on the 15, and bring potluck)  Actually, instead of gifts we donale to Toronto Wildlife.....I think. 

I used to have a lot of social phobia....worked on it - Psychiatrist, support groups at MDAO????

I do/did something, A LOT about the social phobia, but no one else seems to.    :o

But, I realize my relatives aren't
genetically identical to me........because I can change, doesn't mean they cah also change.  Sorry if I'm inarticulate.

But still...........btw, because I strongly think this, that doesn't mean I'll confront people about this....Not suitable, in various ways.


If you have any questions......

General Discussion / hope to see a psychiatrist...
« on: November 27, 2018, 04:30:51 am »
I'll mention it to nurse practitioner soon.  It would be a geriatric one, as I'm 71.

I need help with procrastinating, for one thing........that's a BIG thing.

Possible reason for procrastinating/avoiding......"I'm not worth it".....i.e.,re doing self improvement things.  "I"m not worth improving, so why bother?"
Just a thought.


General Discussion / My oldest brother passed away suddenly yesterday....
« on: October 27, 2018, 12:16:57 am »
My mind is a blur.....but I think it was yesterday.

He wasn't sick that I know of, but he had pneumonia recently, and was in the hospital?
Update:  he may have died from C Difficile, which can be contracted in hospitals.....they're doing an autopsy.  (most unusual, I guess)

He was my oldest brother 68 or 69.  I also have a brother a year younger....and I have two younger brothers.

Psychological problems run in the social phobia - not me so much - I worked on it, went to support groups for it etc....


General Discussion / My update....
« on: October 02, 2018, 04:01:13 am »
I've been tidying up, donating stuff to thrift stores, shredding stuff...this is waaay overdue - I'm in a tiny seniors apartment with not much room.

I shredded a lot of stuff, like bills for furniture I bought in 1993!  :o  I also gave Office Depot a lot of stuff or recycling, like cables, mice.

I have a little more room because I ditched my old double bed, and got a "twin" one.

I'm much smarter at storing stuff.  A lot of stuff I have doesn't need to be "on display."  I got a lot of paperwork when I retired...I'll almost never refer to it, so I can put it away in a box.

BUT.....I was going to tidy up some more today, but I froze  - I was completely "freaked out" by all the work I have to do.  I felt really bad that I froze.


General Discussion / WAS going to do standup comedy Oct 6....
« on: September 28, 2018, 11:34:34 pm »
Standup comedy via MDAO re World Mental Health Day Oct 6.  I was feeling fluish, and didn't think I'd feel better by the first rehearsal, Sept 26, so I cancelled.  It was going to be a rare "paying" gig - a $30 honorarium!

BTW, my feeling "fluish" is probably a "viral infection" - I've had this many times....there's no treatment for it.  I don't think I've actually had the flu, thank goodness.

Viral infection=I feel very weak, cold symptoms.  (maybe cold symptoms the first day or so)

I feel better now.


General Discussion / Ever had b bugs in your place?
« on: July 11, 2018, 03:00:37 pm »
I think......I have them.

People ask "can you see them?", because they bite at night only.  BTW, they aren't THAT small...the size of an apple seed.  Unless I have something else?....hives?  Another type of insect?

I have none in my little traps that I can show my landlord.  I'm in a seniors' bldg - the landlord would pay for the exterminator.  A lady down the hall just had one in.

I have lots of bites on my arms and legs, but very few of them are itchy, which is weird.

The bites are a little unsightly...I asked my nurse practitioner for maybe a cream prescription to diminish them.

She said to use vitamin E oil.

It feels "creepy" to go to bed with the oil on - so sticky, and the oil will get on sheets etc.  It feels slightly uncomfortable to have it on to begin with.

The worst part of all this - having to prepare my place for the exterminator, if one comes - a lot of emptying closets, bagging stuff I have lying around, under my bed.  Under my bed I have a lot of storage.

I have trouble tidying my place....a lot.  Maybe tidying for the exterminator will get me "in the groove."


Vitamin E oil very is the cream....I have both.

General Discussion / Hope to get medication increased....
« on: July 06, 2018, 09:18:24 pm »
I've been taking Wellbutrin XL for years, and also Cipralex....Cipralex was changed to 15mg Mirtazapine by geriatric Dr....  Mirtazapine also goes by Remeron....  The only antidepressant I've ever taken that I take at night, just before bed.

Anyway, I have an oddball habit of having imaginary conversations criticizing people......more often than not, the same person.  I can't control this.....
Anyway, maybe an increase in Mirtazapine will make me cut down on this.


General Discussion / Sleep clinic...
« on: July 05, 2018, 11:41:04 pm »
Went for hearing test and sleep clinic the other day.  Long wait between the two!

Sleep clinic - btw, it's part of pulmonary or breathing difficulties part of hospital.  I was surprised...makes sense, I guess.

Went to sleep around up at 6 a.m. - you have to, because cleaners come at 6:30 - I got about 2 hours sleep!!!!!!  Nurse said they can get data if the person doesn't sleep at all.  I've sleepwalked the odd time lately.....a few feet, and shuffle papers on desk around.  I was hoping to sleepwalk last nite, so they could say aha!.....But maybe they can tell a person has a tendency to sleepwalk..

Hospitals are cold.....I didn't realize there's a big bin of blankets in the hall.  I take two.....BUT putting them on and adjusting them, I'm afraid I'll undo electrodes.

I go to pee once, and nurse comes running.....I undid one electrode....they can tell, also, they videotape us.

I'm afraid to change positions, adjust blanket etc in case I disturb electrodes.

Guy at a sleep study.  The thing around his neck, mine was bigger, and heavy.  When you go to sleep, you put it on a don't wear it at night.


General Discussion / Sleepwalking?
« on: June 24, 2018, 02:40:48 pm »
Sleepwalking - I've done that less than 5 times, and only the last year or so.

I only know I sleepwalked when I wake up, and notice that I rearranged papers on a desk, or tossed them on the floor - stuff like that.

During the sleepwalking, I only walk a few feet from my bed.....but I don't like it, and it's creepy.

Ambien can cause sleepwalking, but I don't have Ambien anymore.

I'm going to a sleep clinic, but not because of sleepwalking - now that I'm also a patient at the geriatric part of the hospital (St. Michaels) (I'm 71), I think they send all new patients to a sleep clinic (?).
I think I forgot to tell my nurse practitioner that I've sleepwalked.


General Discussion / Worried about getting dementia......
« on: June 17, 2018, 09:57:19 pm »
(I always forget the difference between that and Alzheimers......doesn't bother me that I don't remember)

My nurse practioner mentioned "to rule out dementia"......"we'll give you an MRI, refer you to the geriatric section."  I can't remember what started all this.

....but what DOES bother me is having a very bad "senior moment" every day since then......  Funny that I can't remember them, because
some of them were disturbing.

BTW, getting the day wrong doesn't bother me so much, but I was positive yesterday was Saturday.......I discovered it wasn't when I was in the Eaton Centre and asked a restaurant when they close.......they said "9:30 p.m."........on a Sunday?......I was sooo surprised!

My last bad "senior moment" was last week, when I discovered 2 brochures in my bag, and I don't remember my nurse pracitioner giving them to me.
I was very alarmed.....and something like this was happening Every day.


General Discussion / I'm now "geriatric!" (just turned 71)
« on: June 10, 2018, 04:26:34 pm »
I'm now seeing a geriatric specialist.....not sure if I have to drop my nurse practitioner/family Dr.  All are at St. Mike's Toronto.

He adjusted some of my meds like replacing Citalopram (Cymbalta) with Mirtazapine  (also goes by other names like Remeron.)

It says it also works on anxiety - they all say that!  It's the only antidepressant I've taken at bed time.  I still take Wellbutrin XL when I get up.


BTW, last week or so, I fell on my face....but in the garden of our apt building.  I didn't trip or feel light headed - I fell "for no reason," but two people had to help me up.  No pain, no blood or anything, but I went to St. Mike's Emergency.  I learned later that Emergency alerted the Geriatric Dept about me.

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