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Title: how is everyone doing?
Post by: kullboys on January 10, 2019, 12:00:53 am
ust wondering how everyone is doing. It is snowing here right now. I am looking at planning some camping trips. This helps a little to combat the winter time blues.
On the whole I am doing okay. Always thinking about my big kids- 35, 37 and 40 years old and my two grandchildren.
Always a joy to watch my grandson at hockey games (he is 7 yrs. old) and my granddaughter (10 yrs. old) and grandson at swimming lessons.
I guess I am just going with the flow of life. Sometimes you try to plan everything in your life. As I have found out that doesn't work. I guess that is okay.
Thanks. (,84946)
Title: Re: how is everyone doing?
Post by: paulm on January 10, 2019, 10:07:37 pm
Hello kulboys and welcome to the forum. Please feel free to ask questions, answer other people's questions and/or use the forum to vent out some of life's frustrations.

 I'm glad to hear that you are doing ok. I'm doing pretty good myself, but I have to be on watch as SAD has a bad habit of crawling into my life at this time of year. Take Care. paul m