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Title: Something really triggered me tonight
Post by: Dragonfly on February 23, 2015, 11:45:46 pm
Hi everyone,

My brother phoned me from Arizona tonight. His wife and him are vacationing there. My brother and I had a very nice pleasant long conversation. I didn't want to tell any of my extended family or my husband's extended family about my son and daughter-in-laws imminent separation. I did tell him about it. He promised he wouldn't tell anyone. Not even his wife. I trust my brother. As we were talking his wife and her friend came back to the place they are staying. My brother said to his wife do you want to talk to my sister for a minute. His wife got on the phone and said to my brother you didn't put in the code. She said to me this call is costing too much I have to end this conversation. When I got off the phone I laughted and laughted. This is coming  from a woman who is probably worth 2 million dollars. Yes that is the right figure. They go on cruises, she spends $500 a shot at Sears etc. You get the picture. I am not jealous. I have a mental problem. I think she certainly does. She changed so many dollars Canadian and got $ 9000.00 U.S. She saved $ 130.00. She went to a different exchange place. Is she sick or what.

I think that just triggered all the problems I have been having lately. I am crying and just want to punch things. I know there is a post about anxiety. I don't want to diminish that. Life is not easy right now. I know I am not the only one.

Title: Re: Something really triggered me tonight
Post by: paulm on February 24, 2015, 12:39:06 am
Hello Dragonfly. Sorry to hear that you are feeling so unwell.

 I can relate to your being upset and triggered by your sis-in-laws rude behaviour and her cheapness. I have an almost uncontrolled desire to choke someone when I see them wasting life being overally cheap. I'm forced to be cheap by circumstance. but if I had money I would spend my time doing things that I enjoy and not trying to save a few bucks by trying to get the absolute best deal.  I really hate it when a certain large corporation screws up my phone bill and I'm forced to spend an hr or two on the phone trying to get 20 or 30 bucks back, but it's something that I have to do. Once again, if I had money I would have better things to do with my time.

 Having said that, once I get over my desire to choke someone,  I feel sorry for them. They do have an illness, but they refuse to seek treatment and thus miss out on some of life's finer moments.

 I hope that you feel better soon. Take Care. paul m
Title: Re: Something really triggered me tonight
Post by: LuckyLou on February 26, 2015, 07:25:47 am
Feel better soon! Big hugs!