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Title: Paul are you alright...........
Post by: Dragonfly on April 03, 2015, 10:18:16 am
Paul, Haven't heard from you for awhile. Is everything okay?

Title: Re: Paul are you alright...........
Post by: paulm on April 03, 2015, 07:16:09 pm
Hello Dragonfly. I don't know if I'm fine, but I'm reasonable, ,well not according to some people LOL.

 Actually every spring is when my depressive episodes are always at their worse, they peak about the end of April - middle of May. So I'm one or the few people who doesn't really look forward to spring. However in order to get to summer, I have to endure spring.

 I am much better than in some years, this yr I just feel incredible lazy and unfocused. Of course if I did everything 100% right,I would feel better (get to bed on time, get up on time, exercise, eat right, post on forum etc etc) but when you've got a bad case of no ambition(read depression) it's tough to get motivated. (as everyone here knows).

 However just sitting here typing has given me some ambition to get some things done. So thx for asking how I am. Sometimes we need to say to ourselves "what am I doing wrong." Sometimes we need reminders that we are not as active in some areas that are good for us. 

 Thanks very much for asking. I feel more motivated already. Take Care. paul m