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Title: brother with dementia/alzheimers....
Post by: Pleeb on September 07, 2019, 08:20:48 pm
I never know the difference between dementia/alzheimers.

Anyway, my older brother was at the front of the line to get into a nursing home because he was delirious and such.

Last week or so, he got into a really nice two story place in Ajax, Ontario.  It's pretty new too.  Really nice place!

The first couple of days:  "get me out of this a looney bin?"  "Looney bin" because of other residents' behaviour?

A week later he settled in....maybe partly because one of his sons and family visited every day.

They got him a single room ($!) because of his social phobia....he may feel uncomfortable with another person around?
This may not be an issue anymore, as he's so "out of it" he doesn't remember he has social phobia?  If that makes sense.

When I saw him he was cheerful...maybe wasn't sure who some of us (relatives) were.  He never did this before -he throws in some German when he talks....but usually just exclamations like the German version of "my oh my!" or similar.


Re being delirious, when he was at home he thought he had two cats instead of one, and another guy living in his house.

AND.....he thought there was a stage with live musicians in his house.  And the neighbours thought the music was too loud.

Title: Re: brother with dementia/alzheimers....
Post by: Pleeb on September 20, 2019, 02:23:53 am
During another visit, he asked me and my brother's widow how long we've been in Canada!

Not that alarming....that's to be expected.

He may not be aware of what his tv remote is for.....may not know how to use it.

I get the impression he may not know what a telephone is for....I could be wrong.


Looking on the bright side, he's much less disabled looking than a lot of people on his floor...that is, he's walking around, curious...
Lots of other residents on this floor are really hunched over/stationary.

I have a lot of experience with relatives in nursing homes.