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General Discussion / WRAP
« on: August 06, 2015, 01:42:06 pm »
Does anyone know when the next round of sessions will happen for this at the eglinton location? I tried emailing the person who helped with the last one that is posted on the mdao website last week but have not received any response yet.


General Discussion / loved ones being scared of you
« on: July 02, 2015, 04:16:11 pm »
Hey everyone,

So recently my fiancee (been together for 9 years) confided in me that there have been times when she is scared for her safety and mine. Most notably a year a bit ago we had argued over adopting our first kitten, which was very important to me. She wanted to wait 5 months and I was being borderline irrational about it. I just needed something to take care of and feel like I was needed in that visceral way...she didn't understand the dark place I was in, and even though I write and read for a living, I am pretty terrible at explaining how I feel. She just couldn't see how 5 months made a difference but it was life and death in my eyes....

I don't remember much of the time period other than that. I was very angry (it usually reflects inwardly) and empty, numb, lost you name it...not sure if the details are suppressed or I just don't have any memories other than that. But she says she was truly scared. Now I'm not upset that she was scared for my safety, since that is more plausible to me. the part that is tearing me up inside is that the person that I care about the most in this world didn't recognize me for who I was and that I would actually harm her. I`ve been trying to shake it but I can`t get over it.

Need some help here...

General Discussion / SSRI side effects
« on: June 24, 2015, 10:59:26 pm »
So I have been having issues in the bedroom so to speak since I started my medication.

I've been taking 40mg cipralex for quite some time now and it works great for bodily anxiety and more or less with the not wanting to live sentiment...The only side effects have been 20ish pounds of weight gain and the sexual difficulties. So I can't really complain because the payoff is well worth it for me, but I asked the head doctor today about possible solutions to help with "gettin er done".

Since I asked about it awhile back he suggested I do more regular exercise, which has helped with getting in the psychological mindset of wanting to do such activities but still having issues. Today he said the next possible steps would be either switching to another drug in a similar class to see if it works the same but with reduced side effects. He gave me a list of 3 drugs that would fit my treatment and I said I'd like to do some research and get some feedback from others. I'm really hesitant to mess with anything though as it is working so well from the total train wreck I was before. It's really a frightening proposition.

The other option he said, for short term, is some people take viagra. I said I'd like to give that a try next month while I think over the other options...seemed like I should try the easier way first.

So the reason I wrote this whole thing was to ask if anyone has tried these other drugs and what they were like. Without further ado.... the contestants arrrreeee Zoloft ; Cymbalta ; and Celapram.

As always, thanks for your support  :)

General Discussion / Toronto Contingent
« on: June 24, 2015, 12:33:44 am »
Hey all,

just wondering if there are any fellow Torontonians active on the boards??


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