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General Discussion / someone close to me is sick
« on: February 04, 2016, 01:57:43 pm »

I'm new here. I don't suffer from depression, but someone close to me does. I actually think he is bipolar, because of a few major decisions he has made in the past month or two, followed by conversations where he is trying to explain how amazing and happy he feels...followed further by him saying he is really down and depressed and going to a therapist for help.

I've lightly commented that maybe what he has is bipolar disorder, but I'm not sure what else to do. He is seeing a therapist but he doesn't live in the same country as me right now (one of the rash decisions was to stay in China where he was traveling, despite having an apartment, job, dog, girlfriend at home). I've been hurt by him and what I believe is his illness twice now, by the decisions he's made and thought of as 'good' or 'happy', only to hear from him shortly after expressing regret and feeling really low and depressed.

I see this pattern in him, more than he sees himself I think. and the professional he just started seeing has not diagnosed him but before he left home, he was diagnosed with depression and on meds (20mg cipralex), which he says he is taking "sometimes" in China because he doesn't have a lot of it left and isn't sure he will be able to find it there.

I'd just love any advice you might have for me after reading this.

I'm in love with someone who is unstable, and who I believe suffers from bipolar disorder.

thanks so much for reading.

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