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Title: Physical health....
Post by: Pleeb on November 21, 2016, 04:24:47 am
Guys,  I don't have many health concerns, but I'm getting Vital Signs Tracker...just in case.

I always say I want as many tests as possible, as I'm 70 (years young!) in June, and I smoked for 39 years.  :-[

I'm getting the monitor from Hammacher Schlemmer, which is a famous store/catalogue in New York. (

Here's the first half of the description:

This is the palm-sized digital monitor that measures five key vital signs to track heart and lung health. It captures EKG, heart rate, pulse rate, SpO2, systolic blood pressure, and rate pressure product in under 30 seconds when the device’s built-in sensors are placed in contact with the skin. It takes your pulse and calculates systolic blood pressure without the discomfort of a squeezing cuff. The tracker also performs an EKG to measure heart rhythm and detect irregular heartbeats, while an SpO2 sensor assesses blood oxygenation, which is associated with shortness of breath and lung disease. Temperature is taken at the forehead and provides results in three seconds. Results are displayed on the LCD screen, and the device stores 100 readings for four users to compare health

Title: Re: Physical health....
Post by: Pleeb on November 21, 2016, 04:30:41 am
Hammacher is a REALLY neat catalogue with gadgets, useful items, toys etc.

They have a turntable for $94,000 !!!!!!!

They have 5 different personal submarines that seat 1-5 people.  I think the most expensive one is 3 million !!!!

On the other hand, they also have stuff like slippers.

I'm "afraid" of mechanical things, and I procrastinate.  :-[

I bought a blood pressure machine months ago.....just assembled it now.

Re assembling instructions, there are none, as I only had to plug in two things!!

I'm starting a crowdfunding campaign for a brain transplant (not covered by OHIP).  I'll let you know where to send the money.   :o