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Title: No answers
Post by: Rnr8011 on February 14, 2019, 06:38:06 pm
Feeling like there are no answers. No answers to things from the past no answers for things now and no answers for things in the future. This life is for me like eating a large plate of food that Has no taste. I have to finish my supper on bite at a time but no enjoyment comes from it. I’m waiting for it to get better. I always wanted to travel but I got married and had a baby. Beautiful baby so beautiful. I love her. She is grown now but still wants us nearby. It’s wonderful to be loved and wanted but I want to be free. I would like to just go. One day sell everything and go. Maybe when I retire. That’s in another 12 years. Ok I will have to keep going until then.
Title: Re: No answers
Post by: sarahruth on February 14, 2019, 06:54:38 pm
I understand the keep going mantra and having little enjoyment in the daily grind. I'm finding it tough with liking myself and think I am boring now that the kids are older.  I don't get hungry either and find my ability to feel for others is decreasing. Overwhelmed but have to keep going. Its good to remember it could be worse.