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Depression and Bipolar / Attempts to Strive
« on: January 30, 2015, 03:51:44 pm »
I am aiming at higher goals, the dreams that will change the world and the standard for all life on earth.

Through all this I suffer from mixed states of mania and bouts of vicious debilitating depression. We all suffer from depression at some time in our lives with many succumbing to it. There have been cases where some have overcome the strongest cases of depression and other sorts of mental obstacles throughout history. Among these have been men and woman who have altered the course of human progress because the thoughts that passed through their suffering yet brilliant minds.

Our entire race has the ability to overcome anything. The only way to do that is with a support group that is genuine, loves each other and provides a community. Many have said that the internet has taken away from our social interaction, but I believe it has given us the access needed to make a difference.

In my personal opinion, depression stems from living in a situation that doesn't feel right, where certain situations have triggered aspects of your mind that allows you to see the flaws in the system. It just requires acceptance of current situations. Sometimes I fear accepting it. For I do not understand why people go along with it..

I am going to end this post on the note of mental preparation.
I am present,
I am bold,
I am clear,
I am confident.

Depression and Bipolar / Depression Free Guarantee
« on: January 17, 2015, 04:06:59 am »
Hey everyone, I have suffered crippling depression due to a variety of reasons in my past, and in the past year I have really grown in mental strength. I would like to give back to the world for that, as not all my issues have subsided, I have really kicked depression's door right down. I have researched many different aspects of the brain, our minds, and the powers that truly are at work when you think.

Putting all of those things together, along with building a knowledge of web development skills such as HTML and CSS as well as a bit of Javascript, I have started to build a website that will have a tool kit for developing a mental system against depression. I am living proof that it works, and will post the link once I have uploaded the beta product. Those of you who are on this forum will be the first in the world to use it.

Now don't think this will be just one of those sites that provide in depth articles for overcoming the made up stuff in your head(thanks people without depression writing articles on depression). It will be interactive, mind training techniques that provide you with the skills to avert negative thoughts over time, allowing you to think freely, overcome the obstacles that have been so scary for so long. We all need to help each other, for we are all the same. Our lives are directly related to the future that our offspring will have. So let us get rid of this horrible mental disease that has held so many of us down for so long! RISE UP and take the life that YOU deserve!

Suggestions, Comments, Feedback? / Introduction Section
« on: January 17, 2015, 03:59:18 am »
I would like to suggest to the administrator of this forum to possibly add an introduction section, as having a place to explain who you are, a bit of your background and why you have sought out help really gives a personal touch to any forum. I hope to see this implemented, as I plan on frequenting this forum as much as possible, because I realize how many people feel as if they are alone.

Let's build this into an active powerful Canadian site with as much mental growth and progress as possible!

General Discussion / Goal Driven Chaos
« on: January 12, 2015, 11:29:12 am »
So I have quit the last two jobs I started after the first day, to pursue my dreams of creating a device that would enable us to capture thoughts and use those said thoughts as commands for a terminal type computer system. All within a pair of glasses.

BUT at the same time, I am making NO money because it is all research and development, and I am far too driven by this dream to settle down elsewhere. I understand that this is most likely a manic episode driven by a touch of caffeine here and there, as well as a powerful desire to see my product come to life. I see how much this product will help our species, for I have developed it past the point of just another wearable tech product to something that is much more powerful in the growth and development of the human brain.

Now I come to this forum in the hopes that someone could shed some light on what to do for money, as I understand a conventional job would be ideal but every time I start working somewhere I get this gut feeling that I should not be wasting time on something so trivial when my product needs to be brought into this world and it becomes an overwhelming burning desire.

This is not a fleeting thing either, because I have been researching this project for multiple months now, gone through many designs and scrapped almost all of them due to advances in my research and understanding of how to connect to the human brain.

I come to you all in need of other organisms perspectives.

Best Regards.

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