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What's in our feel better Tool Belt?

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These are some of the things I do.  Please add to it.

Light timer - always wake up in the light.  Really great particularly in the winter.
Get up
Get dressed
Protein drink (homemade) :) - seems to stabilize blood sugar longer.
Second breakfast
Small meals throughout the day.
No sugar
No caffeine
Support groups
Depression Chats

Things in my tool belt: Yoga, meditation, music, books, baths, online support groups, my pdoc and therapist

Hello Myriad. Interesting topic.  You and Lucky Lou have already hit a lot of mine, so I will try and add a few different ones.

 I try and get the same amount of sleep each week, no more, no less.

 I try and get some sweat exercise in at least 3X per week and no, sweat exercise isn't walking on the beach on a hot day LOL

 I try to take my meds at the same time each day.

 I try to be honest with my pdoc (that can be harder than it sounds  :))

 I try not to become obsessed over things that I cannot control.

 I try and be patient. (with varying degrees of success  :))

 I try to realize that an a**hole will always be an a**hole and not to get worked up by their comments. There is no way that I'm going to change their opinions, no matter how wonderful my arguments are. Better to just smile and walk away.

 I try to avoid as many triggers as I can

 When the little hamster in my brain gets spinning in it's cage a little to fast I try to concentrate to slow it down.

 I try to remember that sometimes that I just need to be alone.

 When I slip up and don't follow my own rules, I try to learn from that rather than berate myself for slipping up.

 I always try and remember that I'm a good person with a bad illness, not a bad person with good excuses.

 I try to remember that I'm not alone.  Take Care. paulm


I talk to my children on the phone almost every day and see them in person regularly since I now live alone. Get great support from them and I support them.

See my grandchildren regularly. (Just wait Paul you will know what joy it is to become a grand parent).

Go camping with family to get away from everything.


Keep to a good sleep pattern - sometimes hard.

Eat sensibly. (am diabetic)

Take my meds.

Computering. Helps me keep my mind off things. Have to be careful to limit time.

See a number of very good doctors for my health problems.

Talk about my illness with people that are supportive.

Hello Dragonfly and welcome to the new forum. I am looking forward to becoming a grandfather, but in the short term people arranging baby showers etc is slowly driving me a little crazy LOL. Take Care. paul m


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