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HELP !!!!!!!!!!
« on: September 26, 2014, 01:05:25 pm »
 I feel like I am loosing my mind and so frustrated. I unfortunately and unwillingly have to go on long term disability.

 I have been getting the run around from Great West Life insurance for the past month.

 Some of the things they have done / asked

1.   They do not contact the doctors and it Is up to me to get the updated information that they ask for ( they have updated information from both DR.and DR.)

2.   They asked for the doctors notes. I told dr. about that and he almost laughed in my face saying “ these are my notes”

3.   I spoke to DR.  almost a month ago as he filled out the paper work and told him the insurance company wanted more information. Dr. told me “tell them the doctor said to contact the doctor”.

4.    I was told the DR. filled the forms wrong or misunderstood what they wanted ? I said to them that the doctor must me and idiot ( HE IS A REALLY GOOD DOCTOR ) they agreed and I told them someone is and idiot and it is not me.

5.   Today I was told the doctor was not a doctor ???????????????? And I was being disqualified !

Furious as you would imagine I contacted the head of that department and was far from calm. We eventually agreed they would contact the DR. with what information they required.

They TOLD me that they do not normally do this almost like they were doing me a favor. Of course like an idiot I had to thank them...................................

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Re: HELP !!!!!!!!!!
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2014, 11:06:31 pm »
Hello Paul. None of the following is a criticism as I understand your frustration. Nor am I saying the system is right, I'm just trying to help you understand the system.
As frustrating as it is, it is up to you to get your doctor to complete the claim forms correctly. Some docs are good at this, some are lousy.

 As I said, getting all of the forms filled out can be really frustrating. The forms would be difficult if we were well, when we are sick it's seems almost impossible.  Something as simple as the doc not filling out his qualifications will disqualify you. (they usually have a stamp for this)

 Whenever I have to send in forms to any company I try and get my doc to let me review them first and when possible to make a copy of them. That way I can try and catch any mistakes and I also know what the insurance company is talking about when they ask for more info or claim the info is wrong.

 When they said they would contact the doctor directly, they were trying to be helpful, they could have just said no as it is yours and the doctors job to get the forms filled out correctly, not their job..  That is standard throughout the industry(once again, I'm not saying that this is a good system, just how things are). It is part of every doctor's job to fill out insurance forms. If a doctor refuses to fill out a form correctly for no good reason they can be reported to the college of phys and Surgeons. I would only do that as a last resort.

 I don't know if you have seen a GWL report, but here is a link to one.   They have a variety of forms there for different illnesses and some information for both you and the doc.

 In it you will see a statement that goes something like" please provide copies of all relevant clinical notes etc etc.

 Once again you shouldn't get caught in the middle, but your doc should also know better than to say, "my notes are my notes"

 Good Luck with your claim. Take Care. paul m