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Any summer plans?


I was going to go to Germany for the first times since I was 3! the next few weeks.

I speak German (never spoke English to parents=they spoke lousy Englishl

I haven't spoken German in 20 years - no parents to speak with.  I'm 75 (years young)  I would explain this to people, which would open doors to further conversation with strangers.  They may be surprised I speak (rusty) German after all these years.

I hope to stay in a hotel for a few days, if they'll have me....partly because I'll feel like "I'm bargng in on them", since we're barely in touch, except for the odd email.


I changed my mind - instead of visiting cousin and then Hamburg, I'm going to Munich.

Cousin and Hamburg is too confusing.

Also, I chose Munich because it's kind of "exotic" - food, accent - probably hard to decipher!


Didn't go to Munich...hard to explain why.

I went to St. John's, Nfld.  Nice place, but small.  Nice scenery around the city.

One negative thing - my hotel was far from downtown, where the action is.

Re thick, hard to understand accents - I only met one person like that, but a lot of people had trouble understanding meee!

Highlight of my trip:  I was walking down the street, lugging heavy shopping bags.  A middle aged woman (a stranger) pulled over ahead of me, offered me a ride to my hotel!  How heart warming.  That would NEVER happen in Toronto...not sure about the rest of Ontario.



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