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Anyone meditate or interested?


I used to meditate and do mindfulness ("mindfulness," not "mindfulness meditation" - they're different).

The last few years I can't do either on my own.  Not sure why....?

Lately, I need help, so I bought a Muse -

You're supposed to feel different after about two weeks.  I've been doing it for a week, twice a day, and I keep improving.
I know that because Muse tells me exactly how long I'm neutral, calm every day.....with cumulative totals, and a graph.

And Muse congratulates me, and I can congratulate myself on a "diary."  Also, I can give myself little images of birds on my profile if I do well.



Didn't know it was invented in Toronto.

i like meditate in nature wheres nobody around nor noisy sound only birds and wind that blows camping near river or even hiking top of the mountain its very good for mental health

et....Good for you!  Like I said, haven't felt different from meditating for two weeks....

But, right after I meditate I can tell I did well because Muse measured my brain waves (Muse told me I did), and after I meditate I feel slowed down for about 20 minutes. which is a nice feeling.  If someone knocked on my door, I would answer the door pretty slowly....which is a nice feeling.


Btw, when meditating, you may have intrusive thoughts that come out of nowhere.  All medication experts say to just ignore the intrusive thoughts.....don't worry about them.
Worrying about the instrusive thoughts is worse than the ACTUAL thoughts!  If that makes sense.


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