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A rant and a laugh
« on: September 05, 2014, 11:26:57 pm »
Hello Everyone. In the area I live there is a very secure hospital where people from all over Canada are placed who are considered a danger to the public. (to put it mildly)

 Recently one of them escaped. Said hospital will not say exactly how long this person was at large nor how big of danger the public was in. Here are parts of various press releases. (I have removed the names) .The hospital is the province‚Äôs only maximum-security forensic hospital.
 This is how CTV reported it " People who live near the centre are just learning a patient had escaped and wished they had been told sooner.

 The Barrie examiner had this to say:Inmate XXXXX who is considered violent and dangerous, managed to get out of the XXXXX Centre late Saturday night, Residents in the areas for at least a km away recall hearing the blaring of sirens and saw emergency vehicles racing by, but never knew what all the commotions was about.

  Staff say the new XXXXX facility was just an escape waiting to happen and there are safety concerns since the new building opened
 Further information gleaned from sources say that the patient escaped at 9.15pm and was not found by the police for several hrs. The change of staff at 11pm were all escorted by police to their cars as a safety precaution.

the man was found by police and taken to hospital with serious injuries, including a broken vertebrae and dog bites. The SIU is investigating.

 The Centre itself reported it this way: XXXXXX, a provincial specialty mental health and addiction hospital located in XXXXX Ontario, is extending its thanks again to the staff and Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) for a quick and successful resolution shortly after a patient elopement on August 23, 2014 that resulted in no risk to the public. The hospital has taken extra precaution to ensure this cannot happen again etc etc.
   So you have a violent and dangerous patient escaping and the staff need to be escorted to their cars by police, yet according to the hospital nobody was in any danger.I know that once you get out of this secure facility you are within an easy 5 min. walk of a large subdivision and if they were escorting staff to their cars, this person could have easily gotten off of the ground as there are no fences surronding the parking lot. (I've visited many people and attended many meetings at this centre)

 I have two points here. One, we all worry about stigma and lack of treatment facilities. No one wants a half way house or group home for mentally ill people, partly because of fear. The XXXXX centre is not helping our cause by releasing a B.S. statement like above and using words like elopement, no danger, etc. This only adds to the distrust that people feel towards those in charge of the mentally ill.  Not to alert the people who live within a 5 min walk was irresponsible. While they claim this person was no danger to the public because they figured he was in a nearby wooded area, the fact remains that he broke out of a maximum security facility, climbed 3 security fences, one 30 ft high, probably means that this guy was pretty slippery. And as said, they were worried enough to escort staff to their cars.

 It would have been better to own up to the fact that they should have alerted the locals and that they will do so in the future.  OK enough ranting on my part.  The following may amuse you.

 2) I had never heard the term elopement used in this manner before, so I looked it up and the generally accepted meaning in several dictionaries was: an act or instance of running off secretly, as to be married. That I had heard many times.  However I found out that it can also mean.

  an act or instance of leaving a safe area or safe premises, done by a person with a mental disorder or cognitive impairment.  (news to me)

 So my question now is, does that mean if we elope to get married is it because we are mentally ill and have a desire to leave a safe premise. LOL Take Care. paul m

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Re: A rant and a laugh
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2014, 05:19:15 pm »
LOL Paul


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Re: A rant and a laugh
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2014, 07:22:54 am »
For some people that I know who got married and shouldn't have that is very true. Thanks Paul I will have to file that in my use when you lest expect it file.