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Hi everyone
     Hope everyone is doing well these days. Have a question about services. I have a loved one who has been working with a health care worker for there mental health. They have just been declared stable(days) and are now being discharged and are both worried and scared of going backward. They messaged the worker who hasn't responded. I am worried that the stress of not having someone they can ask for help will hurt the progress they have made. They do have family support but in the past it has not been enough. It is a small place so not a great variety of programs for people any suggestions about how to help them get help or where to turn for help would be welcomed.
Stay safe everyone

Hello Mom. Unfortunately I do not have any ideas that will help. Most people that I know who get released from a program have to go on a waiting list if their symptoms get bad again. The only other alternative that I know is to hire a psw (personal support worker) but as these cost about $30 an hour it is out of our price range.  Take Care. paul m

hi, mom....Keep us up to date on this situation.

I can't think of any suggestions.


  Thanks for the replies I thought that was the case. The family member is ok and we have talked about things to do it they feel that it is getting out of control. New med seem to be helping a bit. Still worried about them and their partner not sure either can handle anymore. But will stay connected with them and do my best to support


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