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Hope everyone is doing ok during these trying times.

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 Hope everyone is coping these days. I hope all are staying safe and getting any help they might need. We all need each other more now than ever, it is easy to fall through the cracks. Check on those you love. Reaching out just a post and you will find you are not alone and that you aren't the only one. Take care all.

Hello Momfeellinglost. Other than being bored I seem to be feeling ok. I am feeling a bit sluggish and I tend to put off some chores, but I know that will change around soon. How are you feeling? Take Care paul m

Hi, guys, I wan't coping so well, but I'm turning over a new leaf today.

I mentioned this on another forum:

--- Quote ---I'm fixating, reading about COVID all day long on the net, "putting life on hold" until COVID blows over. Not good!

--- End quote ---

I'm being more positive starting today. :)


Thanks for the ask Paul. I am keeping busy as it is a busy time of year for me. Getting hives ready for my new bees which if weather co-operates should be ready soon. Getting things ready for my local market candles etc that I make and honey for customers who need it and delivering it to them so they can stay home and safe. Take care hope the warmer weather comes soon so I can move on to the garden part of my life.

mom, that's interesting.  Haven't met a beekeeper before.


My younger brother had a "bee hotel" in his yard.  It was a piece of plywood nailed to his garage.....had a whole bunch of holes drilled in it where bees could relax/sleep.  (?)  He said most bees are solitary ???  They were the ones sleeping in his "hotel."

Coincidentally, my oldest brother had a "bat hotel" in his yard.  Looked just like a bird house.


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