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When I got up today, I was sneezing like crazy, and the runniest nose I've ever had!  I was really alarmed!

I was afraid to get on the bus/go to the barbershop like that.

I was much better after a couple of hours....

I don't think those are corona symptoms...?


I'm 74 (years young :P) in June.

Hard to find hand sanitizer in stores!

 No it likely isnt but who wants to go out with those things going on and watch as everyone looks at you. Even though things are not blooming yet there are lots of things in the air these days. Hope you feel better soon.

I'm 73 in June, not 74,

I feel kinda better....thanks, mom.

This coronavirus situation is like a bad dream, or a scary movie.


Hello Peter. I too have been sneezing and wheezing, but I have no temperature and I feel pretty good. In my case it's probably due to allergies brought on by the up's and downs of temp lately. I hope that yours is just a simple cold. Take Care. paul m



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