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 My oldest son is in hospital with an infection in his foot from a blister. He is diabetic(insulin dependant). He is bi-polar and has spent 24 hrs in the ER. He didn't think he would be there that long so didn't take all his meds with him. The attending canceled his meds for his bi-polar and the hospital told him to get them from home after they admitted him. I could live with that if they had someone who could bring them down. I live out of town and currently don't have a way to get to him. His girlfriend dosen't drive and buses in the city they live in stop at 11. So it was after his gf left to go home and as they are poor there is no money to take taxi back to the hospital. His gf found someone who could do it after searching. He has been stable for years on his meds and takes them on time everytime. It might not be such a big deal as they did find someone but my problem is what about someone who has no one who could do this? The nerve of an attending to just say nope we will not give you the meds find a way to get yours from home seems  cruel and makes a joke of telling people that meds can help them if they have a mental illness and excessive stress while already sick and being in the hospital.  Wondering if he should report this to the hospital? He knows I will advocate for him if he needs it but wants at his age 39 to look after himself and advocate for himself. I am angry that he is being treated this way by a health team who is supposed to look after his well being and treating him with less respect because they know he is on ODSP (doc ask) not sure why it mattered. He has worked hard to look after himself his health both physical and mental and to get treated like a second class of person hurts both him and me as well. Thoughts suggestions on dealing with this.

Hello Momfeelinglost. I don't have any good suggestions. You can try looking up patient relations for that hospital and how to make a complaint. I haven't had much luck complaining about treatment that I have received. I have had some small victories). I can only hope that my complaints will make a difference in the future. Plus sometimes it just feels good to write  a carefully worded letter even if it doesn't resolve the problem. 

 Having a doctor judge people is unfair and doesn't help anyone. I wish your son and you the best of luck, Take Care. paul m

 Thanks for the reply. We got his meds to him and he is now home with one less toe and they are still watching two other toes. I can only hope that the care after will be ok. No home care he has to go to them but we are working on the positive side he is home yah.

Mom, I wish you luck on this too.  Must be difficult!

Take care.....  Peter

Wow tough issues.
My 22 year old is type 1 diabetic too.
Its so hard to step aside as a parent when they get old.
His dad has mental illness and I am stressed so he has learned to take care of himself.
Take care.


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