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Happy 2020


Hi Everybody! for those who are new here Rich and I met on this discussion board and got married in 2012! Lots of stuff going on ... kids going through college and university and moving out on their own .. was just thinking about when we met and wondered how everyone was doing?

Mood wise, I am reconnecting with outpatient CAMH for a look at my medications ... Rich and I also retired as of July 2019 and have been busy cleaning out his mom's house so when its time to move it will be easier. After going through 50 years of stuff it really hits home about how we need to downsize so we don't leave this kind of thing to our kids. 

How is everyone doing?

Nice to hear from Soozan!

I'm ok, but my brother's leukemia (he found out about 5 weeks ago) is stressful.

I can do things to lessen stress like yoga...which I haven't done lately.   :-[
But I wll.


Hello Peter and Soozan. Peter I hope that your brother gets better. Soozan I wish you and Rich luck, downsizing is hard work, Take Care. paul m

Wow time flies dosen't it. Seemed like just yesterday the kids were just kids now moving out on their own to post secondary education. Yes when you have to clean out someones house it brings home just how many things we keep. We kept things for our kids and then we end up with a household of stuff from an estate we keep saying we need to get rid of it. Planning a Maxsold and use the money we get from it to go visit our son who lives in the USA and our grandson.

And here I am, back again!



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