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Christmas/Vacation plans?

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My family usually has a potluck a week before Christmas Eve, but no one volunteered to host this year.
I'll probably have the usual Christmas turkey with nephew and others on Christmas Day.

My younger brother having leukemia puts a damper on things.  He found out a few weeks ago.  He says his type of leukemia is less dangerous than other kinds.


Sending your brother positive vibes and hope you holidays are very good. I used to go all out when my kids were small I have cut back and just give my kids money now. My older son and his girlfriend are coming for dinner. My younger son is very far away and we haven't seen him or my grandson in 5 years so that is a downer for me.
   Take care and have a great new year

Hi, mom.....Sounds good.

We usually go to nephew's on Christmas Day, but he was out of town.

If he was in town, I may have cancelled - I have a terrible cold since last Friday.


Saw my brother the other day, and he was using a walker for the first time!  :(  He uses the plain aluminum one, not the one with brakes, and a tray to hold stuff.


Hello Peter. How is your brother making out with his walker. Take Care. paul m


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