Author Topic: For OCD and OCPD people / Lithium Brain damage  (Read 12228 times)

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For OCD and OCPD people / Lithium Brain damage
« on: June 09, 2017, 08:29:59 pm »
For OCD and OCPD people / Lithium Brain damage

I was lithium intoxicated for 212 days last year and am still copping with the repercussions and the rebuilding of my body. I am physically and mentally doing well. In spring 2016 I had a brain MRI done and I never heard much about it from my Neurologist other than everything is normal within reason. To make a long story short I now have white-matter disorder that was reported in that MRI. That is when damage the white matter in the brain is cause by something generally a traumatic brain injury or medically caused by medications like “Lithium”.

Most antipsychotics and antidepressants work in the gray matter areas of the brain. Lithium only works in the white matter of the brain and is “CUMULATIVE” which can and will likely led to (SILENT) “(Syndrome of Irreversible Lithium-Effectuated Neurotoxicity)”. I will also add a link to that paper.

Back to OCD and OCPD. Damage to white matter greatly modifies and enhances OCD effects. If you have severe OCD and or OCPD you should print this document and talk to your GP about an MRI just to make sure your white matter is not damaged.

Yes I will be having another comparison MRI soon.   

OCD link

Lithium link.

Buddy Mack.