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Anxiety Support Group Needed


Does anyone know about an evening support group in or around Stoney Creek for people who have a spouse dealing with anxiety?  Thank you!


Daniel F:
Hey Barb,

I believe the Hamilton "Mood Menders" group is open both to individuals experiencing mental health issues and their family members/supporters:

Unfortunately I work during the day, so this doesn't work for me.  Are there any groups in the evening in Hamilton?

Daniel F:
They also have a group with a speaker on the second Tuesday of each month from 7pm - 9pm. Here's there website for more info:

The problem with Mood menders is that it is in the early afternoon.  I had this problem when I was referred for CBT too - there was a ten month waiting period for sessions that weren't in the middle of the day and even then they began at five.  Luckily I work close by and my workplace let me leave a few minutes early on Tuesdays. Apparently having mental health challenges and working traditional nine-to-five hours are not mutually compatible. 


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