Author Topic: Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder - At least I have a name for it now...  (Read 13017 times)


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Hi everyone,

I have wasted exactly NO time in writing my first post.  I was accepted to the forum all of 20 minutes ago and after doing a cursory search for PMDD, I found nothing...  :-\
Does anyone else suffer from this?  I have just been diagnosed with it, and it has caused havoc in my work life, but funnily enough, not so much my home life. - Guess my husband has just instinctively learned how to deal with me on "bad days".
I'm reading all that I can find on the net about it, but so far, it seems to be just a regurgitated list of symptoms and the difference between PMS and PMDD. 

I'm looking forward to hearing about anyone else who has experienced this, and different coping strategies.

Trying to keep the twists and turns straight in my mind!


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Welcome Twistley,

I had to look up what PMDD meant. It has been a long time since I had my period. I can't rightly remember totally how I felt when I had it. I can only empathize with you. I can only say that it is not easy on a woman.

I suffer from bipolar II. I do know that the hormones really effect a woman's life. I believe my illness started at age 12 when I reached puberty.
I was diagnosed with bipolar mental disorder after I had my third and last child at the age of 30. When I was a teenager I experienced bouts of mania and depression. Not to the point of being suicidal. These thoughts of suicide started occurring after I had my children. Being put on lithium gave me 12 good stable years. That is not to say that lithium can and will help other people. Each person's body is different and I am not a doctor.
At the age of 43 I had a complete hysterectomy. After this I went into a deep depression. Besides taking lithium the psychiatrists tried me on all types of anti-depressants. Wrong thing to do for someone who suffers from bipolar. It makes you cycle. The next number of years was hell.
Now I am 64 years old. I have been stable for quite a few years. I now seem to have the right therapy. Great support from family and friends.
The pdocs (easier to say than psychiatrist) have found the right cocktail of drugs for me. I still see a pdoc and have a caseworker. It is cheaper to keep my mental illness maintained outside of the hospital. I have been hospitalized quite a few times in the past.

Hope I have been of some help.



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Hello Twistley and welcome. I certainly can't help you with that problem, but I can direct you to a couple of resources that may. The first is the Mayo Clinic. They have a section that includes, definitions, typically treatments, as well as a section on home remedies and another on alternative treatments.   

The MDAO has a fact sheet on the subject   

 As well many large city hospital in Canada have specialty clinic that with the problems . In Ottawa

 Sorry that I can't be of more help , perhaps someone else on the forum can help. Take Care. paul m