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Attempts to Strive


I am aiming at higher goals, the dreams that will change the world and the standard for all life on earth.

Through all this I suffer from mixed states of mania and bouts of vicious debilitating depression. We all suffer from depression at some time in our lives with many succumbing to it. There have been cases where some have overcome the strongest cases of depression and other sorts of mental obstacles throughout history. Among these have been men and woman who have altered the course of human progress because the thoughts that passed through their suffering yet brilliant minds.

Our entire race has the ability to overcome anything. The only way to do that is with a support group that is genuine, loves each other and provides a community. Many have said that the internet has taken away from our social interaction, but I believe it has given us the access needed to make a difference.

In my personal opinion, depression stems from living in a situation that doesn't feel right, where certain situations have triggered aspects of your mind that allows you to see the flaws in the system. It just requires acceptance of current situations. Sometimes I fear accepting it. For I do not understand why people go along with it..

I am going to end this post on the note of mental preparation.
I am present,
I am bold,
I am clear,
I am confident.

Well said!  My mantra for depression is " I am confident and sucre in myself!"  IACASM!!!!!


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