Lit from Within Volunteer Award 2021

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Nominations for the 2021 Annual Karen Liberman “Lit from Within” Volunteer Award are now open. This award recognizes a volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, creativity and innovation in contributing to Mood Disorders Association of Ontario programs or activities. The winner of the Lit From Within Volunteer Award will receive a commemorative engraved plaque and a gift of $500. We will be presenting this award at our upcoming Annual General Meeting.

If you would like to nominate an outstanding volunteer for their contributions please follow this link and complete the online nomination form:

We are asking for a paragraph in the nomination form to outline:

  • When did the nominee start volunteering with Hope and Me?
  • What role(s) has the person undertaken as a volunteer?
  • In what ways have they shown leadership, creativity, and innovation in their approach to supporting individuals and families affected by mood disorders
  • What significant impact have they made on a Hope and Me program, event, or activity?
  • In your opinion, why is your nominee for the “Lit From Within” Award, the best candidate?

Please submit your nomination by October 31st, 2021

A huge thank to all our outstanding volunteers for your continued hard work, passion, and dedication to achieving Hope and Me’s vision of hope and recovery. It is a joy to work with each and every one of you.