mental illness

Why share my darkness? The face of mental healthcare

Brett Batten is sharing his journey, in hopes that it decreases the stigma associated with mental illness.

I started thinking about all the labels I have had; insane, criminal, crazy, mentally ill, manic depressive, I could name a few more.

Do Words Hurt: Stigma & Language Focus Group Research

At MDAO we have spoken many times about the use of language and the impact it may have on individuals. Recently, Lisa Hawke, Ph.D., Elizabeth Miazga, B. Sc, and Sagar Parikh, MD. FRCPC held 3 focus group discussions with 19 people at the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario, the Krasman Centre and the University Health Network to explore the relationship between stigma and language. The study confirmed that language plays a role in stigma, and that words can hurt.

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