Michael Landsberg, TSN Broadcaster, Received Hero Award at MAD About You Gala

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So looking forward to the MAD About YOU Gala on February 11th.

We have been planning it for months and it is turning out to be a fabulous event on paper! What will really make it will be the people and the award winners being there to celebrate.

Speaking of which, it is so humbling and awe inspiring to be able to share that Michael Landsberg (host of TSN's "Off the Record") has accepted our Hero Award and will be at the Gala to receive it and participate in the fun. I met him a few weeks ago and was very struck by his relentless passion to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and speak openly about his experience and ongoing challenges. 

He is exactly as you see him on TV and full of life, direct questions and energy!

More Gala blogs to come about the other winners, the amazing silent auction and other info! Stay tuned....