The audience yells for more

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The audience yells for more

by Kim Umbach

“The best group of comics I have had the pleasure of seeing in my entire life.

 I hope your audience grows and grows and grows, I feel bad for those who have not seen you.”

“I enjoyed the entire show.  I had forgotten how much I love to laugh.”

“Everyone was hilarious, touching, clearly a powerful therapeutic experience for all…”

These are just a few of the comments made by members of the audience who filled the YMCA auditorium to capacity, at the last Laughing Like Crazy showcase on August 9 in Toronto. The 15 graduates from the last Laughing Like Crazy group, the largest graduating group yet, gave us another thoroughly entertaining and hilarious show.

For those of you who have not been lucky enough to have seen or heard of Laughing Like Crazy, it is a 16 week group that combines peer support with stand-up comedy. Participants are taken through a process in which they are able to open up about some of the trials and tribulations that come with a mood disorder, and then learn to laugh about them.Each group ends with a “graduation” which gives participants the opportunity to stand-up in front of their friends, family and members of the public and does one of the scariest things ever, perform a stand-up routine.

The participants are quick to talk about how much the program has done for them, including learning to laugh at life, talking about very sensitive experiences, developing skills in comedy writing performing and finding a new way to manage their mood disorder. It’s incredible!!! It’s genius!!! I’m so so so grateful that I’m part of this community while I’m struggling to fight my mood disorder! Thank you thank you thank you to all those who support and fund this program. It’s saving my life!” 

Many of the graduates of the program continue to attend meetings and perform at private shows for mental health agencies, and other interested groups. Shows can be booked by contacting Emma at

The Laughing Like Crazy showcase gave people an opportunity to learn about mental health in a fun way, while learning that it is ok to laugh about some very challenging situations. In fact, laughing about it can make it a lot less scary. Audience members reported coming away from the show with a new perspective on mental health, inspiration, a positive attitude, hope, a good laugh and some sore cheeks.

When asked what suggestions they had for the program, audience members said:

“More shows”, “keep them coming”, “expand the program, so more can benefit”, “do it again, love to hear we can have you come to private functions”, “dying to be a comic in the next group”, “awesome.  I’d love to join the program…”. Yes, we have a resounding need for more.

Please help us to keep doing moreOn August 9, we also launched an appeal for donations to help us to keep the shows coming. The goal is to raise $10,000 by September 15 and we are more than 50% of the way there.  We want to send a very special thank you for all of those who have donated.

Remember where is only one week left so please don’t delay. 

You can make your on-line donation today at  the Support us page.