Joining the Mood Disorders Association

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As I clamber my way up the steep, sloping shoulders of the giants who’ve given so much to and through the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario, let me say what a wonderful view it is. It’s week one, and I am so excited to be here!

And what an honour to take up the position which Karen Liberman has shaped for 10 creative and productive years!  I’ve been handed her treasured legacy (or “privilege” as she deems it) along with the whole invaluable team – the Board, staff, volunteers, donors, supporters, and everyone whose times of need bring you to us.  You all are true gifts.  

Likewise, I offer my own contributions to you.  Having had need of the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario’s resources myself, I am delighted that, through the Board’s grace and Karen’s, I can now give back – and I do so from my heart.  I bring a passion for finding hope and recovery in the face of the challenges that mood disorders plant in our paths, and I am committed to ensuring that the organization continues to thrive and develop in the ways it really should to best serve our communities. 

Please join me as this adventure unfolds!  I look forward to making connections with all our friends, near and far.  Thank you!