That’s Just Crazy Talk: Webinar on Reducing Mental Illness Stigma

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On April 30th join CREST.BD researchers Victoria Maxwell and Dr. Erin Michalak, as they discuss findings from the study evaluating That’s Just Crazy Talk as an intervention for reducing mental illness stigma. If you would like to join this free webinar on Wednesday April 30th from 2pm-3pm EST, please register with Eventbrite at  Please note the Eventbrite times are noted as Pacific Time since the webinar is being broadcast from the west coast. Participants will receive an email with details for accessing the webinar after registration.

The Mood Disorders Association of Ontario will also be hosting an in-person viewing of the webinar in the office at 36 Eglinton Ave West, Suite 602.  Should you wish to attend the in-person event at MDAO, please register at this link or leave a message with Andrew at 416 486-8046 ext 246.  Snacks will be provided.

That’s Just Crazy Talk is a thoughtful and funny one-woman play that looks at both the light and dark side of living with bipolar disorder, anxiety and psychosis. The play was the focus of a 3-year research study in bipolar disorder exploring the impacts of a ‘lived experience’ theatrical performance on attitudes and understandings of mental health issues. Written and performed by Victoria Maxwell, an acclaimed actress and mental health educator, That’s Just Crazy Talk is based on Victoria’s lived experiences of bipolar disorder. It illustrates how ‘self stigma‘ and ‘social stigma‘ manifest and describes her journey of coming to terms with mental illness, within herself and in her family.




Dr. Michalak will explore details of the research design and findings from the study's two target audiences: healthcare providers and people living with bipolar disorder. Webinar participants will learn about the impact of the play on the two groups (did a first-person narrative hold meaning for a wider audience?) and whether it had perceived or actual impact on either internalized or public stigma.





Victoria Maxwell will reflect on her experience of the research process as researcher, educator, living with bipolar. She will also talk about her ongoing work using creativity and the arts to address mental health stigma. An interactive Q&A session with Victoria and Erin will follow a 30 minute presentation. 




Registration is required for this free webinar. To register for the webinar only, please visit
Participants will receive an email with details for accessing the webinar after registration!

If you wish to come to the MDAO offices, and attend the webinar with us, please visit